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black out

has multiple meanings depending on the context. One common usage is when someone loses consciousness or faints suddenly. Another meaning of «black out» is when the power supply is interrupted and all the lights or electronic devices go off, leaving the room in darkness. It can also refer to a temporary loss of memory due to excessive alcohol consumption or other reasons.

А в переводе на русский язык:
означает временную потерю сознания или памяти. Также употребляется в значении пропадания электроэнергии.


Examples of «black out» in a sentence:
(eng) #1 I drank too much at the party and blacked out.
(рус) #1 Я выпил слишком много на вечеринке и потерял сознание.

(eng) #2 The athlete took a hard hit to the head and blacked out for a few moments.
(рус) #2 Спортсмен получил тяжелый удар по голове и потерял сознание на несколько мгновений.
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